Nurturing Neurons

Nurturing Neurons (NN) is a 6-week telehealth program for students between 4th - 8th grade designed to increase one’s mental wellness, emotional regulation, and academic functioning. The program consists of social activities, goal-setting tasks, and sensory breaks, all of which are intended to foster virtual peer interaction. Participants will meet bi-weekly in small groups with the ultimate goal of creating a safe space to meet and support their peers.


AAPdN Annual Conference

The conference featured a variety of speakers, panel discussions, and workshops on the latest research, assessment techniques, and clinical interventions in pediatric neuropsychology, with particular focus on issues of diversity.

The AAPdN's Annual Conference is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the field of pediatric neuropsychology, including neuropsychologists, psychologists, school psychologists, speech and langauge pathologists, educators, and other healthcare professionals.

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